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Brent Beckley

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Brent Beckley

A proven and effective leader, Mr. Brent Beckley has honed his management skills since his days as an undergraduate at the University of Montana, Missoula. While studying finance and pursuing his Bachelor’s Degree in Financial Management, Beckley led and participated in a number of leadership workshops, seminars, and activities. Mr. Beckley’s commitment to service and leadership began early in life and became strengthened and focused through his membership in the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, Missoula chapter. He also attended several leadership programs in order to improve his managerial skills as well as to motivate and inspire those around him. In the year 2000, Brent Beckley attended the 65th Annual International Leadership School in order to become a more effective leader. This event was held at the University of Illinois in Chicago and took place over a week of scheduled events. Beckley traveled to this leadership conference in order to facilitate a better collegiate experience for undergraduates and fraternity men at the University of Montana. While there, he also worked on developing mission statements, led strategic planning workshops and supervised goal setting programs designed to increase inner purpose and productivity for the undergraduate student body. Later, in 2001, Mr. Brent Beckley attended the Live It! Leadership Program in Denver, Colorado. This weeklong conference included panel discussions, workshops, and team building exercises designed to inspire and motivate Greek and non-Greek students across the country. While there, Beckley worked on developing better communication skills, setting goals for personal growth, and offering advice to other undergraduates. As a result of his leadership training, Mr. Beckley has become a recognized leader, both in academia, Greek life, and in the private sector. In 2002, Brent was voted Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity Man of the Year. An avid golfer in his free time, Mr. Beckley also enjoys reading and travel.

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