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Thomas Minecci

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Thomas Minecci

Journeyman Electrician Thomas Minecci belongs to the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), the labor union that represents specialized workers in the electrical industry. Five years of training in a union-run electronics school prepared Thomas Minecci for his career in electrical labor. Especially skilled at removing outmoded equipment from industrial sites, Thomas Minecci has also performed the duties of Sub-Foreman at a powerhouse for a mass transportation system. He can handle work in a high-voltage environment of up to 25,000 volts.

In addition to his primary employment, Thomas Minecci tests electrical equipment for the Handyman Club of America. A subsidiary of the North American Membership Group, Inc., Handyman Club sponsors Web forums on a range of topics from electrical to remodeling for disabled access. The Handyman Club also publishes HANDY Magazine and the online newsletter Handy Toolbox.

Thomas Minecci’s interest in electronic appliances extends to his charitable work. He likes to fix up old televisions and video cassette recording machines and then give them away.

Thomas Minecci resides in Middle Village, New York, a neighborhood in central Queens, the largest and easternmost of the five New York City boroughs. Originally settled by English immigrants, today Middle Village has a huge Italian-American population, though Hispanics, Slavs, Irish, and Poles have also settled in the area. In his spare time, Thomas Minecci likes to go fishing and crabbing. He has begun work on a memoir.

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