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Susan Jankowski

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Susan Jankowski

A Sales Representative for the pharmaceutical developer Genentech, Inc., since 2000, Susan Jankowski works directly with medical professionals to inform and educate them about the extensive line of products provided by the company. Among the medications Jankowski promotes are products to help patients with metabolism, virology, immunology, ophthalmology, biooncology, primary care, and specialty care issues. In her role as Sales Representative, Susan Jankowski informs doctors, nurses, and pharmacists of the beneficial qualities of Genentech products, and makes herself available as a resource to answer any questions they may have.

Susan Jankowski previously studied at The Florida State University in Tallahassee, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Merchandising and Textiles and a Minor in psychology. During her time at this school, Susan Jankowski excelled, and earned the Outstanding Intern Award through the College of Human Sciences. After she graduated in 1992, Jankowski embarked on a career in the sales industry.

Genentech has offered Susan Jankowski several opportunities to succeed. With a vision to bring innovation to the field of medical science and provide groundbreaking products, Genentech maintains a dedicated research department that strives to keep the company’s product list growing. The field of oncology is a major focus of Genentech’s products and research, and Susan Jankowski specifically markets the company’s oncology treatments to different hospitals and medical organizations, working out of the company’s office in Georgia. These medications have been designed to help patients with brain, renal, colon, lung, and breast malignancies. For more information about Genentech’s products or research functions, visit the organization’s official website at www.gene.com.

In addition to her career in the pharmaceutical industry, Susan Jankowski supports organizations that work to improve awareness of and research on diseases. Jankowski contributes to Susan G. Komen for the Cure, the American Heart Association, and the American Cancer Society.

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