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Stanley Tollman

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Stanley Tollman

Travel and hospitality professional Stanley Tollman recently displayed his support to the city of Christchurch, New Zealand through a donation of $50,000 USD from The Travel Corporation, the travel company he founded. Disaster struck that region in February 2011, reeking untold havoc on the city and its residents. He hopes that the funds will help rebuild the infrastructure and give the city's residents the opportunity to return to somewhat normal lives in the coming months. The Travel Corporation works closely with several of New Zealand's tour agents and appreciates those long-standing relationships.

Pioneering in International Tourism

A true tourism pioneer, Stanley Tollman established The Travel Corporation (TTC). Through itineraries and services offered by TTC, tourists and holiday-goers have access to every type of touring package available, including scenic river cruises, family holidays, air travel, organized coach travel and special business arrangements. A few of the 25 companies represented by TTC are brands that include Trafalgar Tours, Contiki Tours, Brendan Travels, Red Carnation Hotels and several companies that specialize in travel to South Africa.

Starting Out in South Africa

South Africa is one of the world's regions that Stanley Tollman feels especially connected to. He was not only born there, but he entered the world of travel, hospitality and real estate through companies that he built there and through the hotel owned by his parents. He put himself through school by working in the kitchen of the family-owned restaurant and later married Bea Tollman, who shares his same love of good food and fine wine. Together they established restaurants and made a name for themselves by offering fine cuisine, warm hospitality and high-class entertainment. Stanley Tollman continued his career by establishing a successful hotel chain, additional eating establishments and imported special wines. He even built the first hotel in South Africa that was ever mentioned in a list of one of the best hotels in the world; it also happened to be the tallest building ever built in South Africa at the time.

South African Birthday Celebrations

Stanley Tollman left South Africa when high interest rates made staying there economically impossible. He went to the UK where he began work in the family-owned business, Trafalgar Tours. Later he went on to establish The Travel Corporation, but his heart never left South Africa. Still today he does what he can to promote tourism to South Africa and to share the beauties of the country with his fellow travel professionals. With this goal in mind, he was proud to hold TTC's sales conference in Cape Town, South Africa. By doing so he had the chance to invite about 350 travel experts to South Africa to learn about the country, see the popular vacation spots and tour the local villages. As an added bonus, he also celebrated his 80th birthday during the conference by offering generous donations to several South African charities.

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