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Shin-ping Lao

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Shin-ping Lao

With an unwavering commitment to the preservation of the environment and the promotion of sustainable living practices, Shin-Ping Lao upholds the values of ecological conservation, community stewardship, and personal achievement in all aspects of her life and work. A 2010 graduate of the University of Florida, Shin-Ping Lao earned a Bachelor’s degree in Zoology with minors in Spanish and Botany and has since undertaken various internships in sustainable agriculture, organic farming, and natural resource management. Most recently, Shin-Ping Lao started an internship with the Student Conservation Association in Nebraska. In this capacity, she provides support in the areas of visitor services, cultural resource preservation, and natural resource management with a specific focus on vegetation and water quality monitoring, invasive plant control, and visitor education. Immediately after graduating from the University of Florida, Shin-Ping Lao entered into a volunteer program at the Edible Plant Project in Florida, followed by a seasonal internship at Earth Sky Time Community Farm in Vermont, an affiliate of Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF). Raised in North Carolina, Shin-Ping Lao earned a National Merit Scholarship, Envirothon Scholarship, and North Carolina Resource Conservation Workshop First Place Scholarship while a student at top-ranked William G. Enloe High School. With her college classes completely funded at the University of Florida, Shin-Ping Lao continued to build upon her impressive academic record with research assistantships in the Department of Biology, two paid research internships in the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, several volunteer commitments to community groups, and other activities. Shin-Ping Lao graduated from the University of Florida with honors and a grade point average of 3.83.

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