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Kojo Linder

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Kojo Linder

http://hubpages.com/hub/K-Sonix Kojo Linder is an electrical engineer working at the Schafer Corporation in Arlington VA. The Shafer Corporation is a company that produces new technology in areas such as lasers and sells them to corporations or governments. Mr. Linder received his engineering degree from the University of Michigan and has been working for Schafer since 1999 He is also the originator of K-Sonix productions. Kojo was exposed to music at an early age. He easily learned to play guitar, bass and keyboards while in high school. He prides himself in being able to write catchy hooks and lyrics while also laying down dance driven beats. Several of his songs and tracks have been placed on MTV, VH1, TLC and the E Channel on such shows as 'Janice Dickerson', 'Real World', 'Gastineau Girls', 'Miami Animal House', and 'Clean House'. He has also been writing and producing demos for many local artists.

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