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Dr. Michael Taras

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Dr. Michael Taras

Pennsylvania dentist Dr. Michael Taras, DMD, DDS, combines traditional and naturopathic treatments in his practice. His Lehigh Valley office serves patients of all ages and accepts most forms of insurance. Dr. Taras has practiced in Allentown for more than 20 years. He earned his Doctor of Naturopathy degree in November 2011 and maintains certifications in ozone therapy and nutrition. Dr. Michael Taras has completed advanced studies in the safe removal of mercury fillings, preventing mercury poisoning, and avoiding fluoride toxicity.

Dr. Michael Taras believes that many modern Americans overuse fluoride, a chemical that can damage nerves when people consume it in large quantities. He recommends that his patients avoid drinking tap water and bottled water containing fluoride. He also advises against using fluoridated toothpaste and urges patients to use natural, fluoride-free pastes instead. In lieu of fluoridation, he recommends that parents focus on their children’s diets and on improving overall nutrition to avoid vitamin deficiencies.

Dr. Taras is also deeply concerned about the effects of fillings that contain mercury on his patients’ overall health. He runs a mercury-free practice and uses special equipment to safely remove mercury fillings. When Dr. Michael Taras replaces mercury fillings, he uses a combination of spagyric and homeopathic remedies, mercury vapor ionizers, a DentAirVac Turbo VII, and other methods to neutralize the effects of the mercury and to prevent further poisoning.

Dr. Michael Taras also specializes in ozone therapy for oral infections, aromatherapy, and nutritional counseling. For patients in need of traditional dental care, he provides root canals, extractions, dentures, bridges, crowns, and dental implants. His relaxing waiting area, entertaining playroom, and gentle, caring staff set his patients at ease. In 2011, Dr. Taras’ office won the Allentown Garden Club Award for most beautiful garden at a business.

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