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Our clients are our assets without whom we are little more than an office, desks and telephones. Assets need investment in every sense of that word which is why, unlike many agencies, we are not expecting them to pay for everything. We invest both time and money in our clients’ talents to give all of us the ability to constantly expand and flourish. We are developing a brand and we want the talent who we are proud to represent to feel equally proud of being part of that brand. Personal relationships are the essence of who we are so that our clients and the industry can be assured that we only represent people in whom we truly believe. Our commitment to representing the best means that we will introduce only those people who we believe can deliver the most exciting, fresh and passionate range of work out there. In addition to nurturing and helping our clients to develop their talent we provide essential career management, leaving them free to create and do what they do best! We provide an infrastructure which adds to and compliments their work so as to provide them with the best all round package, be it studio, retouching, assistants or otherwise. Multimedia is an integral part of our infrastructure and we ensure that we are always up to date and fully conversant with the latest technology, equipment and developments. An essential part of the Clicks and Contacts philosophy centres around the web, blogs, social networks, video links and audio visual records of our shoots and events wherever possible, all tools which are vital to the analysis and improvement of the service that we offer. In a digital world that is in a constant state of evolution we have to remain aware and informed to make us accessible to clients and future generations. In a fiercely competitive industry Clicks and Contacts provides efficiency, professionalism and style with a personal touch and importantly complete integrity.

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