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Amjith PS

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Amjith PS

Hi, I am Amjith, Exp Level 1.5+ Ruby on Rails 4 Year on php, MySql, JavaScript Worked over 8 projects from scrach and 6 projects modifications. Ruby on Rails 1 project over 1 year, and 2 modification works on oDesk. php/mysql/javascript 15 projects over 3 years Confident in Any Ruby on Rails projects and like to undertake both ROR and PHP works. I am experienced in Frame works and Libraries such as Rails, Code Ignitor, Smarty, AJAX, XAJAX, JQuery etc .. and experienced in combination of PEAR DB, XAJAX, SMARTY with javascript frameworks in PHP. I Like to work with good projects AJAX driven SEO Standard HTML,. I am not a designer, But i feels great if i can be a part of designing(I love simple designs avoiding tables for Web rather than complicated heavy designs), and i can work well with Web 2.0/SEO model design pattern. I Love to work with Rails because its RESTful design friendly and it gives more than a business web site needs. Thanks to DDH, and like to continue more developments in Rails. I undertake PHP works if i feels the work is long term and something usefull to both of us. Why i say this because PHP tent to move to small works like photo galary, personal profiles which i thinks it can be done by a beginer, and there is not much for me to handle. You save money/time with 1 year experience guys over here and let them be experienced. I love javascript(better Javascript framewors like JQUERY/Prototypes....) because its very nice to see its fast responce on browser. Its so helpful in web development and i am happy to undertake fully Javascript driven Web sites or AJAX driven. I am not an expert in Database Queries. But i creates good database designs, and i belive normalization plays a vital role in project. I am good in MySQL and worked in POSTGRESQL for a peoject with Rails(Infact there is nothing big role with DB rather than role playing by Rails Active record). Qualification : I am Master of Computer Application from MG University, India. Under graduvate in Bachelor of Computer Application. Career : I am the founder of ProminentLabs Technology solutions(prominentlabs.com), company undertakes WEB2.0 Business solutions. I prefer clients with good knowledge about the work, what they are going to make, and what will result from the work in advance. And i like to work for there idea, integrating my ideas to make the project success. I will be available for interview in Gmail : amjithps Yahoo: amjith56_ps Skype : amjithps Hotmail : amjith_ps Email on : [email protected], [email protected] Thanks Amjith PS +91 9388880335

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