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Shannon Graham Life Coach

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Shannon Graham Life Coach

As the author of numerous popular self-help articles, as well as the book The Revolution of the Self, Shannon Graham finds solutions to some of the most difficult questions people face in their day-to-day lives. Through his work at Shannon Graham Life Coaching, he holds oversight for a highly diversified self-help institution, with in-person seminars for large crowds and individuals alike. Over the years, Shannon Graham has developed such programs as Life Transformations, an online video course designed to change the way people conduct themselves; more recently, he launched Dream Life, a comprehensive life coaching system for individuals looking for the most intensive self-help program on the market. Prior to establishing Shannon Graham Life Coaching in 2005, Shannon Graham founded three separate online businesses and began to cultivate a system of core principles that he employs to this day. Influenced by such notable philosophical and self-help titles as Tony Robbins’ Personal Power and Alfred North Whitehead’s Adventures of Ideas, Shannon Graham enriches his work with proven strategies for personal improvement and lifelong success. Recognized for his charitable work, Shannon Graham donates an annual spot in his exclusive Dream Life program to one person who cannot afford it and supports the community-building efforts of PEERS Network. In his spare time, Shannon Graham enjoys cooking, writing, reading, and hiking. Visit the official website for Shannon Graham Life Coaching for more information on Shannon Graham and his services.

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