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Robert A Pabich

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Robert A Pabich

Since the inception of my first small business, I tasted the freedom and flexibility associated with entrepreneurship. Seeking new challenges and avenues, and strategically analyzing the direction I wish to navigate present and future ventures, lead me to pursuing opportunities in the real estate industry. Currently, I am a real estate professional based in the Greater Hartford area of Connecticut (CT) in the United States, with a motivation of expanding my reach into other reciprocal license states. I'm particularly focused on cultivating new relationships and opportunities in the New York City, Miami, FL and Boston, MA markets. In addition, opportunities in Europe, Asia, Central America, South America and United Arab Emirates are always welcome. Harnessing the power of technology and networking has allowed me to form a ubiquitous presence in the global marketplace. I can assist clients or brokers in transactions, or serve as a liaison in all niche sectors of real estate, including residential, luxury real estate, industrial, retail and commercial, or marketing new developments worldwide. I'm also able to assist in the relocation of people or companies in moving or expanding across town, the country, or across the globe. I'm always eager to develop new business relationships and add to my network of professional real estate contacts, including brokers, investors, developers, realtors, agents, mortgage professionals and realty companies. Seizing prime market and investment opportunities, and assisting real estate investors in locating suitable candidate properties for investment is another challenge I'm eager to take on. If you have bulk REO or foreclosure properties available, please feel free to pass on any relevant information. I'm also looking to network with other real estate professionals whom are interested in exchanging referrals, or co-broking properties around the globe. I have a global network audience of contacts to market toward, and am able to give your properties exposure to a broad range of potential clients, brokers and agents. In addition, I also have several new business ventures that I seek to bring to fruition in the near future. Thank you for visiting my profile, I look forward to networking with you. Best of luck, and I wish you very much prosperity and happiness.

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  • Currently 27.5/5 Stars.
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