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Read Naturally

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Read Naturally

For more than two decades, Read Naturally has assisted students in improving their reading skills through industry-leading fluency, phonics, and comprehension development products. Read Naturally provides a variety of home support, progress monitoring, and reading assessment tools. These offerings are designed to form a foundation in the National Reading Panel’s identified five essential reading components: vocabulary, phonics, comprehension, fluency, and phonemic awareness.

The Read Naturally structured intervention approach integrates repeated reading and teacher modeling strategies with continuous progress monitoring. Teacher modeling involves students reading along with high-interest material, while listening to a fluent reader in an audio recording. Core skills gained through this practice include correct expression, phrasing, and pronunciation. Through repeated reading exercises, students focus on a single story, gaining the skills to read through it fluently. Mastering this type of concrete and achievable goal improves student fluency, also building confidence. Progress monitoring is an essential daily component of the program, keeping teachers and students informed in tracking literacy achievement.

Emphasizing innovative student performance improvement techniques throughout its spectrum of programs, Read Naturally offers educators professional development opportunities. Summer seminars provide teachers with the key components for setting up a new program or maximizing benefits from an existing one. School District and Education Service Center Training sessions focus on implementing successful programs within public school systems. Professionals who train Read Naturally educators are additionally offered an annual week-long intensive Train the Trainer session. Read Naturally encourages interested educators to sign up at www.readnaturally.com to receive teaching tips and information about new products and upcoming seminar events.

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