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Seasoned visualizer with hands on experience with International and domestic clients for their website and graphic assignments. Experience in using design principles, interface design and creation of illustrations, animations and conceptual graphics. Team leader with proven ability to work with tight dead lines and motivating team players • Team lead Graphic Design • Senior Visualizer • User Interface expert • GUI Expert • Designer (Creative/Interactive/art) • MMS Designer • Mobile Interface designer • HTML Projects www.pepsiindia.co.in www.avivaindia.com/ www.maxnewyorklife.com http://www.laysdillogical.com/ http://www.laysdillogical.com/big5/ http://www.dmtispatial.com/ www.barista.co.in/ www.doonschool.com/index.php www.maxvijay.com www.marutitruevalue.com www.barista.co.in/sweetnothings/index.html www.barista.co.in/artofespresso/index_art.htm www.barista.co.in/Thirstbusters/home.html www.barista.co.in/guiltypleasures/index.html www.barista.co.in/flavours_of_spring/index.html www.edynamic.info/continentz www.bajajallianz.com www.crowneplazamarlow.co.uk www.crowneplazadocklands.co.uk www.metrogroup.co.in/ www.ramcorehotels.co.uk www.weed-man.co.uk www.xeonext.com

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