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Using steam, MyVaporClean.com’s products eliminate the use of harmful chemicals generally needed for other cleaning methods. Steam cleaning not only reduces residual odors left over from cleaning supplies, but it is also significantly kinder to the environment. Additionally, MyVaporClean.com’s customers cut long-term costs on cleaning supplies and cleaning services. The products offered by the company also reduce the amount of water consumed, making MyVaporClean.com even more environmentally friendly. While methods such as mopping, scrubbing, and washing may eliminate the use of electricity, they also run the risk of using several gallons of water.

MyVaporClean.com’s most popular products use a maximum of three quarts of water during cleaning. Units such as the Vapor Clean II, the Vapor Clean IV, and the Vapor Clean Pro5 also require less energy than scrubbing, and are more effective at removing stains, allergens, and odors. The machines are practical for both light and heavy-duty cleaning.

Many asthma sufferers have recommended MyVaporClean.com for its effective elimination of allergens such as mildew and mold without using harsh chemicals.

As a retailer, MyVaporClean.com imports its machines directly from manufacturing facilities in Italy. Founded in 1998, MyVaporClean.com has grown into the largest importer of Italian steam cleaning products in the United States. Based out of Petersburg, Virginia, MyVaporClean.com’s 19,000-square-foot primary facility also services the company’s machines as well as competitors’. All of MyVaporClean.com’s products are sold brand-new and contain stainless steel boilers, pressure regulators, and detachable hoses. Optional accessories are also available for order through the website, including hoses of varying length and shape as well as scrapers.

A one-year warranty is placed on all products shipped by MyVaporClean.com, and all products arrive at the customer’s destination through FedEx ground delivery. The additional lifetime warranty covers heating and boiling elements in the rare event they become faulty. MyVaporClean.com is a member of the National Pest Management Association, Inc., as well as the ISSA (formerly the International Sanitary Supply Association). It is also listed on the “Green” Hotels Association’s list of approved vendors.

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