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Meicheng is one of the leading companies in audio video specialist market. Our business specializes in audio / video equipment to fulfill the needs of organizational and private sector clients.Meicheng started in 1994 with the production of Audio & Video products. Meicheng gained the Factory Certificate No. 99-718886-00 from the Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Taiwan government. At Meicheng we continue to deliver professional yet affordable applications for our clients to explore their audio, video solutions. Over the years, we know that quality is the key to success. That why we provide only the best products of its kind available in the market. We also know that customer service is just as important as product quality, and high customer satisfaction equals long-term customer retention. We, therefore, strive to exceed their expectations from the first moment in Meicheng until the products arrived and are finally used. Meicheng is insisted on quality and customer service has granted its widespread recognition, and many customers such as Taiwan National Palace Museum, Central Trust of China, and the Ministry of National defense has received our services.

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Wireless Tour Guide System
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