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Med Prep

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Med Prep

A central fill intravenous pharmacy in Tinton Falls, New Jersey, Med Prep has operated for 17 years. Utilizing a high-tech, ISO 5-compliant facility, Med Prep provides sterile compounding services to health care providers, including doctors in private practice and hospitals pharmacies. Med Prep’s selection of compounded formulations includes dose-specific syringes, parenterals, pain management drugs, anesthetics, and medications for oncology and dialysis. Med Prep also offers compounded electrolyte solutions, anticoagulants, neuromuscular blocking agents, sedatives, antibiotics, antiemetics, and cardiac drugs.

Med Prep compounds small quantities of medications, allowing clients to keep low inventories, maximize storage space, minimize losses from outdated drugs, and reduce costs overall. Adhering to USP 797 standards, Med Prep ensures all staff members prepare high-quality sterile products. Skilled pharmacists and technicians complete testing during every shift as part of Med Prep’s real-time sterility verification program. This ensures that Med Prep is able to deliver products that are free from contaminants.

Med Prep regularly conducts microbiological testing to ensure compliance with rigorous standard operating procedures. Additionally, Med Prep routinely undergoes third-party testing, and assigns beyond-use dating that meets the requisites for medium risk level compounding. Med Prep maintains a commitment to increasing compounding service offerings while providing unparalleled service.

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