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Maryvonne Martin

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Maryvonne Martin

Based in California, Maryvonne Martin is a freelance writer and professional illustrator of a whole new genre in digital fine art. Her style features a high-tech, photo-realistic look to create pieces that are unique to the intended audience while maintaining a style that is distinctly her own. She is well-known or her cowboy digital illustrations.

She has a fine art background and paints in oils and water colors, executes pencil drawings and is a keen photographer as well. Her work continues to bring validity and notoriety to the field of digital illustration in Photoshop, leaving a legacy that continues to impact the work of Photoshop users worldwide.

She is unique in her ability to use the “old fashioned” drawing board experience to render highly detailed illustrations using Photoshop, a superb software that allows her to produce top quality work.

She prides herself in her ability to control the mouse while using a Photoshop paintbrush. Her goal is always to achieve highly detailed, photo-realistic digital illustrations, whether entirely drawn from scratch in Photoshop from actual objects, from a regular drawing pad and pencil, photographic or scanned reference from hasty sketches. She uses a Canon SLR camera and shoots her own photos to work from when necessary.

She received a Master’s degree of Education from the University of San Francisco, California


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