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Luke Weil

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Luke Weil

Luke Weil & Associates – Teams

Wendy Luke of Luke Weil & Associates takes a unique approach to everything she does, proven through her success as a mission-driven solutions leader in the museum industry. More than just an advisor, Wendy seeks to mentor and train teams so that they may perform their best and feel comfortable in the process. Her natural approach and courteous demeanor is a breath of fresh air, and her training techniques are extremely accessible to both management teams and employees.

Wendy believes that there are several key characteristics that make up a solid team. In addition to possessing good communicative skills and valuing the opinions of others, they must make a concerted effort to work well as a group, ultimately favoring the progress of the team over their own personal desires. Good team members are also responsible for their actions, and do not hesitate to admit fault when they have made a mistake. Finally, Wendy feels as though teams that consist of individuals with diversified backgrounds can offer a number of different vantage points, and are better equipped to finding unique alternatives to traditional problem solving techniques.

Becoming an effective team member may seem a bit daunting at first, but Wendy’s pioneering techniques guide employees through the training process with relative ease. She encourages team members to take an introspective look at their performance in an effort to see what they are doing well and what aspects of their teamwork need improvement. Also advocated is the use of an open forum that allows employees to freely speak their minds. By openly communicating with one another potentially innovative ideas will come to the surface, permitting the organization to move forward.

Facilitating the importance of teamwork is paramount to the success of any institution. Wendy, the sole practitioner of Luke Weil & Associates, possesses insight into how people work together; enabling her to handle even the most complicated challenges. She also has a way of making people feel comfortable enough to voice their opinions. Carrying on the traditions upheld by the great Stephen E. Weil, Wendy places the utmost importance on understanding the needs of the individual and how to optimize their performance. For museum managers looking to build the best possible teams, look no further than Wendy Luke.

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