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Kori Koepke

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Kori Koepke

A professional working within the energy deregulation arena, Kori Koepke acts as CEO of Arivus, LLC. Prior to forming the company, he gained versatile professional experience as the owner of three marketing ventures; additionally, he spent a number of years focused on personal investments. Today, Kori Koepke employs more than 15 years of expertise through his involvement in these ventures.

While an exclusive group of large companies formerly controlled all energy services, today many states have approved a different approach to gas and electricity. Kori Koepke’s Arivus, LLC, plays an active part in these innovations, which empower individuals and businesses alike. Because they are no longer required to patronize large providers, these parties may exercise freedom in determining their energy arrangements.

As the leader of Arivus, LLC, Kori Koepke strives to remain abreast of goings-on in the energy climate while maintaining smooth corporate operations. In addition to supervising a staff of more than 250 individuals and organizations and overseeing the Arivus, LLC, Executive Committee, he maintains close communications with important investors, partners, and affiliates. Before transitioning Arivus’ business model to emphasize energy initiatives, Kori Koepke headed the firm in life settlements, identifying client opportunities and creating custom financial roadmaps.

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