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Kira Volpi

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Kira Volpi

From managing a Costa Rican restaurant to leading a Florida-based wholesale distribution company, Kira Volpi has made a name for herself in the business world. Volpi started the Global Matrix Group in 2005, providing wholesale designer product distribution to chain vendors all over the world. The Global Matrix Group deals with designer fragrances, skin care lines, make up, and hair products, and sells designer clothing, sunglasses, and accessories. Impressive for a new business, Volpi and the Global Matrix Group has seen a success from the jump. Volpi started her first distribution company Elite Distributors out of her house, and within the first year in business, she sold over 1.4 million. Volpi moved into her first 3000 square foot facility within 12 months, and by the end of the year, developed retail chain relationships with over 20 different retail chain buyers. Volpi is now using her own business lessons to help others. Volpi provides free advice to young, aspiring businesswomen. The road that Volpi paved serves as her map, and she does her best to help others start their own businesses. Volpi provides guidance in getting merchant accounts, acquiring loans, setting up bank accounts, starting corporations, and developing business relationships. Volpi takes great pride in her services, seeing a little bit of herself in these ambitious, young women. Providing charitable service is not new for Volpi. For nearly a decade, Volpi single-handedly took care of her ill father, overseeing everything from health care to bill management. Volpi took this time to spend quality moments with him, often going to dinner, the movies, or the park together. Another notable act of service was Volpi’s grace under pressure when Hurricane Caesar struck. While managing a Costa Rican restaurant, the storm hit and several people were stranded. Volpi took charge of the situation and provided food, clothing, shelter, and transportation to these victims so that they were able to survive the storm. Based in the Ft. Lauderdale area, Volpi enjoys spending time near the ocean in her free time. Volpi is a certified SCUBA rescue diver, and her hobbies include swimming, boating, and snorkeling. Volpi also enjoys gourmet cooking and is a member of a gourmet wine club, where she has the opportunity to try varietals from around the world. Volpi travels for both for business and pleasure, and especially loves her time in Rome. For more information regarding Kira Volpi and her business, the Global Matrix Group, please visit her company’s blog, at l:http://blog.globalmatrixinc.com.


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