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Jerry Hanoum

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Jerry Hanoum

About Jerry Hanoum:

The leader of a non-denominational Christian congregation in the East Bay community of Oakley, Pastor Jerry Hanoum provides spiritual leadership and guidance to children, adults, and fellow ministers. After time away from the pulpit, Jerry Hanoum founded the Mountain View Christian Center (MVCC) in 2002, at the urging of two dear friends. Jerry Hanoum leased the center’s current location in Oakley, and after overcoming a number of hurdles, grew it to its current size and strength.

Currently, Jerry Hanoum, fellow pastors, and devoted members of the faith provide fellowship, Bible study, and bilingual services to a growing community. Associated with the Center are the MVCC School of Theology and the Trinity Christian Schools, run by devoted teachers and assistants. As chancellor of the schools, Jerry Hanoum oversees programs aimed at aiding the upbringing of well-adjusted children and equipping members with spiritual knowledge to further their work in Christian ministry.

Jerry Hanoum also founded the Helping Hands Ministry, which distributes clothing and food items to those in need. The Mountain View Christian Center also helps, with sensitivity and confidence, to connect those in need of items such as appliances, furniture, and clothing, with individuals able to meet those needs. Further information about these outreach efforts can be found at www.mountainviewbrentwood.com or via e-mail at .

To improve awareness and safety, Jerry Hanoum has also founded www.TheHuntedChild.com, which provides parents and children with resources to protect themselves against the growing threat of child predators. At www.thehuntedchild.com, subscriber members can benefit from weekly video lessons about how to outmaneuver the tactics used by child predators that lead to a child abduction every 40 seconds. Members have access to live counseling and online martial arts lessons. Additionally, they can set up wireless Amber Alerts to safeguard their own and others’ children.

Jerry Hanoum studied to become a pastor at BBC and Southern Theological Seminary. He is the proud father of 2 children and the proud grandfather of 10 grandchildren. When not dedicating himself to his work in education and ministry, Jerry Hanoum enjoys fishing, playing tennis and golf, and building.

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