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Jeremy Stamper

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Jeremy Stamper

Dedicated to developing innovative business methods and practices, Mr. Jeremy Stamper has made quite a name for himself in the Internet services world. Since graduating from Connecticut College in 1995 with a degree in Government, Stamper has been the founder and CEO of three companies based in Seattle, Washington. In 2002, Stamper founded the Delaware Company, one of the country’s largest and most successful online incorporation service companies. While serving as Chairman, Stamper led the company to a successful acquisition by Wolters Kluwer (NL:WKL), a global multibillion-dollar revenue professional products and services corporation. Three years later, Stamper came up with a brilliant and unprecedented idea that changed the nature of the real estate business. A former real estate agent himself, Mr. Stamper envisioned a future of real estate where home sellers could save thousands of dollars in real estate commissions by paying a flat fee, rather than a rising percentage. Stamper founded Progressive Homesellers, a company that connects home sellers nationwide with prescreened agents at brokerages who take listings for a flat $3995 instead of the traditional 3% listing commission. Looking out for the home seller, Stamper noted, “There's no reason that an agent selling a million dollar house should receive five times the commission of one selling a $200,000 house. Percentage based commissions don't make sense and consumers deserve an alternative.” Stamper’s Progressive Homesellers idea started in Washington, and the concept soon became available in other states, including Arizona. Hoping to repeat the success of his last venture, Stamper is currently building an Internet service company, Topic5 LLC. As CEO and founder, Stamper manages the overall operations for the company, including hiring, business development, web development and marketing. Notably, Stamper is working on Topic5 with pioneering business methods; he is developing the company with no outside investment. Instead, Stamper is focusing on viral marketing and free media outlets to build traffic. Stamper’s achievements with Topic5 will be celebrated with the site launch, slated for Fall 2008.

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