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International Patient Facilitators

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International Patient Facilitators

A leader in the medical tourism industry, International Patient Facilitators assists individuals with receiving medical treatment in Mexico. Headquartered in Cancun and Tijuana, the company maintains two advantageous locations to help its clients. The group of American, Canadian, and Mexican professionals strives to provide exceptional customer service when aiding in all aspects of medical treatment in the country.

International Patient Facilitators prides itself on making the process of medical treatment in Mexico carefree for its clients. The company assists in researching medical treatment, scheduling free consultations with physicians, deciding the most convenient date for medical procedures, researching logistical aspects such as flights and hotels, and arranging the follow-up appointment after treatment. The firm aims to secure the most affordable options and provides a personal contact in Mexico to ease acclimation and assist with various needs while in the country.

Mexico has become a popular destination for medical tourism for a number of factors. In addition to the substantial savings, Mexican hospitals offer high-quality medical capabilities in numerous areas of health care. Many people choose the country for weight loss, cosmetic, or IVF treatments. The country also boasts modern facilities that compare with American hospitals. International Patient Facilitators highlights the use of state-of-the-art technology and highly trained medical staff as examples of this contemporary system. The company also points to the proximity to the United States and Canada as a benefit to medical care in Mexico.

International Patient Facilitators places great importance on quality controls. The company employs rigorous methods to hospital and physician selection. It also evaluates the treatments, personal interactions, and follow-up contact patients receive. The firm goes to lengths to ensure that the clients are happy with their visits.

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