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Golee Abrishami

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Golee Abrishami

Dr. Golee Abrishami fulfills the duties of Program Director for Oceanaire, a residential treatment facility for women who struggle with eating disorders. Dr. Abrishami's duties at the Fremont, California-based treatment center include overseeing the work of all employees, designing an effective clinical approach, and ensuring the facility remains equipped to best meet the needs of patients. With extensive experience and education to her credit, Dr. Golee Abrishami offers psychotherapy to individuals on a one-on-one and group basis, and she works with family members to facilitate success after discharge from the program.

Before assuming her current post, Dr. Golee Abrishami acted as Lead Therapist for Center for Discovery, in Menlo Park, California. For several years, she treated young people experiencing eating disorders such as bulimia nervosa and anorexia nervosa, assisting individuals who required either partial hospitalization or a full residential stay. Aside from maintaining client charts and collaborating with patient teams, she held responsibility for implementing individualized treatment plans and evaluating their efficacy. In addition, she worked with patients' insurance carriers to guarantee continued care.

Dr. Golee Abrishami also completed several externships and internships as part of her training. As an Intern at Colorado's Aurora Mental Health Center, she undertook three rotations over the course of a year, providing treatment for people with anxiety and mood disorders and conducting personality and intelligence assessments. She directed a group designed to aid women in improving their self-esteem. Dr. Abrishami completed externships at several facilities in Utah, including Vista Adolescent Treatment Centers, Intermountain Healthcare, and Center for Change.

Dr. Golee Abrishami holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from California State University, Sacramento, and a Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology from Brigham Young University.

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