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Gary Henneke Logistics Optimization Supply-Chain

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Gary Henneke Logistics Optimization Supply-Chain

Gary Henneke graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Houston. With a desire to learn about the railroad industry, Gary Henneke decided to pursue a career in the Southern Pacific Railroad where he worked with electronic data interchange, fleet management, operations after graduating college. In 1992, Gary Henneke took on the task of the Rail Manager at Texas Petrochemicals in Houston, Texas. TPC produces chemicals that eventually go into producing the world's tires, carpets, gasoline additives and many other essential items. Their high-purity products are the chemical building blocks for synthetic rubber, nylon, adhesives, catalysts and additives that go into high-performance polymers. Texas Petrochemicals prides itself on being a global leader in the chemical industry. They are distinctly recognized for their commitment to economic, environmental and social preservation through their products. Today, Gary Henneke has worked his way up through the corporate leader and is now the Logistics Optimization Contract Manager for supply-chain. This role is expected to negotiate and solve quality issues concerning rail rates, rail car leasing, truck rates, marine rates, international shipments, terminal negotiations and numerous other tasks. Gary Henneke takes pride in TPC’s main mission, to produce products that truly enrich people’s lives, in a safe, environmentally responsible and efficient manner. Gary Henneke’s passions far surpass just his interest in business. Gary Henneke is also an avid supporter for numerous charities and organizations. He regularly shows his support to the community. Gary Henneke has also won an abundance of awards for his work, such as the UPPR pinnacle, BNSF Stewardship and CSXT for no Non Accidental Releases. He has also developed emission-free loading valves for Butadiene and Chemicals inconjunction with OPW and DryLok.

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  • Currently 11.0/5 Stars.
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