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Clip A Pic

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Clip A Pic

Clip A Pic is a UK based company that has been offering background removal, clipping path and masking services since 2006. Clip A Pic offers to its clients a high quality image editing service, within an allocated time and at the very lowest price. Clip A Pic's Loyalty Reward Program offers returning customers massive savings and a price guarantee that cannot be matched. Why does Clip A Pic provide FREE clipping paths or background removal? Clip A Pic's goal is to provide the best possible image clipping to your business needs - for whatever reason you need the image clipping completed, Clip A Pic guarantees there price will not be beat by any UK or US based company. Clip A Pic would like to have you try our service FREE. This way you can see yourself the quality of our image clipping work. Obviously this service has some limitations though our customers feel an image of no greater complexity than level 4 is sufficient. Why does “Clip A Pic” provide FREE clipping paths and background removal? Clip A Pic’s goal is to provide the best possible clipping paths suited to your business needs. Clip A Pic would like to have you try the service FREE. This way you can see for yourself the quality of our clipping path work. Obviously this service has limitations though our customers feel a maximum complexity level of 3 is sufficient to see a trial of our work. “Clip A Pic” Online Service vs. Software Clipping Paths Companies that need to create clipping paths or remove backgrounds from images do so at the expense of under-utilized manpower, longer work hours and tedious effort. And so they rely on software to provide automatic clipping paths at a one time cost. Companies think that this toolset is comprehensive enough to handle image editing requirements. But is it really so? Multiple online reviews have mentioned that most of these software · Come with little or no support at all · Require a significant initial cash out requirement · Lack tools to complete more complicated graphic conversions Most image clipping applications offer a similar range of abilities. However, many softwares upgrade so fast that once a purchase has been made on the first version an updated one is scheduled to launch 15 minutes later, making the initial purchase practically obsolete. Hand-made image clipping service resolves difficult recognition problems that are often hard-wired into the program. According to one software website, “No software is capable of perfectly accurate results. Perfection in image clipping is like a hole-in-one at golf - it's the perfect fluke!” The process of scanning, cleaning, converting and then editing still requires a thinking person operating the software, and this is why companies turn to image clipping service providers or end up hiring one themselves. Take image or photo and consider the amount of time and effort it took to convert all those images. This makes Clip A Pic’s online clipping path service the better choice. · 24/7 availability, 365 days a year: Our website is our online office open and available 24 hours a day 7 days a week · Fees are affordable: As little as $0.50 · Process is convenient: Simply upload your image on www.clipapic.com · Fast turn around time: Have you clipping path in as little as 2 hours · Satisfaction is guaranteed: High quality hand-made clipping paths by artists and graphics specialists · First clipping path is FREE: Sign up for your free clipping path now

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