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Big League Dreams

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Big League Dreams

Many amateur ballplayers dream of the big leagues. Attending games at such legendary sports grounds as Yankee Stadium, Fenway Park, Ebbets Field, and Sportsman’s Park is one thing; playing there is quite another. Now, through Big League Sports, baseball and softball enthusiasts can hit and field balls in scaled-down replicas of these legendary arenas. Hosting a range of league and tournament activities, from youth baseball and fast-pitch softball to adult slow-pitch softball, Big League Dreams is in the business of making dreams come true.

Regarded as the top tournament destination in the United States, Big League Dreams is the only business of its kind to own and operate this type of private facility. It fulfills a niche in the athletic community, providing the ultimate playing and fan experience to baseball enthusiasts. The facilities’ impressive 6 million visitors in 2010 came to see over 18,000 adult softball tournament and league teams, and more than 11,000 youth baseball teams. Businesses have hosted well over 100 corporate events, meetings, and conferences at Big League Dreams fields, and the sites have seen countless birthday parties, picnics, weddings, and photo shoots.

This dedication to sports makes Big League Dreams an ideal promotional partner for a number of industries. The facilities promise enthusiastic, excited, and emotionally involved audiences comprised of sports participants and fans. Through personal treatment and targeted messages, Big League Dreams works to help its partners achieve their marketing and sales objectives. The company offers both traditional and creative promotional activities, ranging from in-stadium advertisements to merchandise giveaways to online exposure. Big League Dreams official sponsorships are also available, providing businesses with a cost-effective way to align their product or service with a winning organization.

Another benefit of partnering with Big League Dreams is taking advantage of its close community ties. Working in collaboration with host cities, the sports organization maintains involvement in local affairs. Because Big League Dreams delivers financial benefits in the form of increased tourism, employment, and revenue to local economies, the company is often able to pass the neighborhood goodwill along to its sponsors. Through alliance with Big League Dreams, companies can gain not just customers, but friends and spokespeople as well.

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