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BellBrook Labs

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BellBrook Labs

BellBrook Labs, developer of Transcreener Biochemical Assay and iuvo MicroConduit Array technology, provides drug discovery solutions for the pharmaceutical field. Dedicated to developing novel solutions that accelerate the creation of more effective treatments, BellBrook Labs offers several proprietary screening tools, including several universal high throughput assays that contribute to various drug discovery efforts. The Transcreener EPIGEN Methyltransferase Assay, which BellBrook Labs released in 2011, enables screening for methyltransferases, or MTs, a chromatin modifying enzyme family with high potential for indicating drug effects in laboratory testing. MTs cause the epigenetic modifications associated with a wide variety of human diseases, including autoimmune disorders and cancers.

More recently, BellBrook Labs developed the RGScreen technology, a protein assay with unprecedented utility in indentifying compounds that inhibit the RGS4 protein. RGS4, a key component in the mechanisms behind the effects of Parkinson's disease, previously showed no adequate response to a screening method for inhibitors, partially because no RGS protein assays existed that lent themselves to high throughput screening (HTS) models. The technology combines the BellBrook Transcreener GDP Assay with genetically modified G proteins.

BellBrook Labs offers several additional Transcreener products, available for ADP, AMP, GMP, and UDP, and capable of targeting any one of thousands of enzymes. The company also provides a number of Society for Biomolecular Screening-compliant microarray plates. Based in Madison, Wisconsin, BellBrook Labs maintains distribution centers in 21 countries. For more information about Transcreener Universal HTS services and iuvo Microarray technology available through BellBrook Labs, please visit the company website at www.bellbrooklabs.com.

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