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Basil Moore

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Basil Moore

Film composer and producer Basil Moore is truly a unique commodity in the movie industry. A classically trained musician and composer as well as a skilled film producer, Moore is one of the few men in Hollywood who can both score and produce his own projects. Moore began his musical education at age 12, when he learned to play the drums. After mastering the drums, Moore next took on the piano, and by the time he was 17 years old he was a bonafide composer and programmer. Moore¹s uncanny musical aptitude and dedication to his lessons earned Moore two scholarships for musical education, which he used to study both classical percussion and orchestral conducting. From there, Moore entered the music conservatory, Conservatorio Di Bologna in Italy, and later the Conservatory of Southern California. However, it was not until Moore attended the Grove School of Music that he was introduced to jazz fusion. This chance introduction has been largely credited with helping to develop the unique sound that Moore is now famous for: a sound that has been called ³the sound of an epic with an edge.² Following his time at the Grove School, Moore worked as a studio musician and toured with several popular rock bands playing drums and keyboards. This once in a lifetime opportunity opened many more doors, namely those to Moore¹s career in movie and commercial scoring. Never one to do things on a small scale, Moore was asked to compose commercial music for such major accounts as British Airways and Peroni Nastro Azzurro Beer. Meanwhile, many of his works were being published by Universal Music Group in the UK, and Moore was beginning to work composing, editing and producing for major networks such as the BBC. Moore also began producing musicians throughout Europe, and scoring film projects with noted directors. As a result of these film projects, Moore began to learn more about filmmaking, and soon took to it with the same enthusiasm and dedication he¹d approached music with. Moore soon began working on a multitude of different motion picture projects, scoring and producing everything from the smallest of commercials to the largest of feature films. Most recently and notably, Moore composed for Jalal Merhi¹s film Young Alexander the Great.

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  • Currently 28.71/5 Stars.
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