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Advanced BioNutrition Corp

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Advanced BioNutrition Corp

Advanced BioNutrition Corp. is best known for one product: The MicroMatrix Delivery System. This is a revolutionary product that has the potential to change the way that animals are raised in farms all around the world.

Animals living in close proximity to one another are at great risk for disease. If one fish in a commercial fish farm catches a disease, for example, it is likely that the disease will spread quickly from fish to fish until the whole population is sickened or dies. This can be catastrophic for the fish farmer and the industry as a whole. If a disease outbreak occurs, that farmer must choose whether to spend money to attempt to cure the fish through the use of antibiotics or some other medication, or whether to eliminate the infected pond, taking a total loss, to ensure that the adjacent ponds do not get similarly contaminated. The MicroMatrix System from Advanced BioNutrition Corp. has the ability to change all of that through the use of a preventative medication rather than a treatment.

To continue with the fish example, imagine that a developer has created a vaccine to prevent a specific form of fish disease. If the vaccine is a bit like a letter that must be delivered to the fish, then the MicroMatrix System from Advanced BioNutrition Corp. is a bit like the envelope. It surrounds the vaccine, providing a protective environment that keeps the vaccine potent and viable when delivered orally to the fish in the feed.

Of course the vaccine can be delivered by conventional injection, but that becomes very difficult with fish. Many fish get sick and die simply as a result of the handling associated with the injection process and it is very difficult and costly to inject very large fish. With the MicroMatrix System, the farmer doesn't have to incur those expenses or those losses, but simply adds the vaccine directly to the fish feed and provides that feed directly to the fish without any handling of the fish at all. And the vaccine, as mentioned, is quite potent in its protective envelope, so the immunized fish stay healthy and able to be harvested and eaten without any concern for residual drugs or contaminants in the animal.

A system just like this, designed to vaccinate salmon, was developed in 2009 between Advanced BioNutrition Corp. and veterinary products company CentroVet in Chile. This vaccine was heralded as a breakthrough at the time, destined to help Chilean farmers keep their fish crops healthy and significantly reducing the losses they saw due to disease. Over time, it has been proven that this method works and losses to disease continue to fall to this day.

The MicroMatrix System from Advanced BioNutrition Corp. can do more than simply vaccinate fish. The system could be used to deliver needed vitamins or minerals to animals or humans. The system could also be used to vaccinate any number of animals, terrestrial or aquatic. It's an exciting discovery from Advanced BioNutrition Corp.

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Advanced BioNutrition Corp
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